Simple Guide to Web Hosting

Web hosting is a complex matter, particularly for the less tech-savvy individuals. However, learning a few of the essential points can help you get familiarized with the types of web hosting. With that done, that process will be easier to understand. A lot of companies have ventured into the business of web hosting. With that also came a decline in the prices of the services. Various hosting packages are now available for very low prices like the one featured in this InMotion Hosting discount coupon link.

What exactly is web hosting? All the content that you put into your website, be it articles, images, or videos, need to be stored. The storage for this is called the server, a computer that is responsible for hosting your website along with its contents. If you plan on receiving huge traffics for your website, then you have to pick a specific feature, that handles more than what the usual packages offer.


The shared hosting are typically used for start up websites. Though if you have bigger plans for your domain, this is not advisable. The disadvantage of this type of web hosting is the lack of control. This is only applicable for those who are on a tight budget and for those minor websites.

Dedicate servers provide full control over your entire server. This is a complex and expensive type of web hosting. This is ideal for large businesses. This service offers full support and maintenance, ensuring that your server runs smoothly and efficiently.

Cloud hosting. The storage of cloud hosting can vary greatly depending on the needs of the clients. However this type of hosting provides limited control, but the price is perfect for beginners that are trying out the waters.

Virtual Private servers. This is popular with small businesses that only requires a few functions. Although it has limited control over your hosting, it is a common choice for web marketers.