Natural Cure For Cancer

fruitsvegetablesCancer has been causing problems for a long time. The complexity of it makes it difficult to understand. Fortunately, with the use of a lot of research and testing, we can now fight cancer.

Natural cure for cancer is more accepted and more potent compared to the medical ways we know like chemotherapy. The best part of it is, it is natural and causes no side effects.

Cancer cells can reproduce fast when your body has little oxygen. If you give enough oxygen to your body these cells will have no place to reproduce.

The basic principle of using natural cure is to improve the immune system so that it can handle cancer by itself.

Good eating habits can go along way to restoring your cells. There are a lot of factors like environment, stress, and lifestyle which can contribute to increasing your risk to get cancer.

Here is a list of things to do with regards to food intake.

  • Sugar intake should be monitored. If you need it, you can replace it with honey.
  • Fresh vegetable and fruits should be your main food.
  • Lessen the intake of meat especially fatty ones. Avoid grilled meat.
  • Reduce your consumption of milk. To replace it you can drink unsweetened soya milk instead. There is a new treatment called GcMAF which can help fight cancer cells. It is something that you might want to check out.
  • Drink only water or fresh vegetable/fruit juice. Other drinks like soda or iced tea are not recommended.

Here are other tips which are not food related.

  • Avoid x-rays at all cost. Radiation can cause cancer.
  • Exercise daily. Make this activity part of your daily regimen. The chance of getting cancer reduces with daily exercise.
  • Stop smoking. If you don’t smoke avoid places where you can get secondhand smoke.