What is Premises Liability?

Did you know that you can sue someone if you are injured while in somebody else property because of their negligence? You might want to learn about premises liability law. The most common injuries are from slipping or falling. These incidents are associated with spilled liquid on restaurants or convenience store. Another common incident is when an object falls and causes serious injury to a person.

Premise liability can also cover improper lighting or a very unsafe building design. The owner of the property may be held liable in case an accident occurs. For business owners, it is their responsibility to provide a safe environment to customers.

To prove that your case can be submitted to court there are certain requirements:

1. The defendant is the owner of the property where the incident took place.

2. Negligence on the part of the defendant should exist. There are certain building codes that prevent these kinds of accidents. In case the incident does not show any negligence on the owner’s part, the case cannot prosper in court.

3. The plaintiff or the person with injury must be legally allowed in the property. This means that the person cannot qualify for a premise liability if he or she was trespassing when the incident happened.


The plaintiff must show hard evidence that there is negligence by the owner to get a favorable decision. You can also try for settlement to avoid the long process of going to court. Your Premises Liability Lawyer Los Angeles will advise you what route to take. They have to factor in the seriousness of the injury and the loss it has incurred upon you.

Here are a list of common injuries. If you have experienced one of them, you might want to consider hiring a Premises Liability Lawyer Los Angeles.

-Elevator malfunctions

-Staircase injuries

-Slip and fall injuries

-Swimming pool injuries