Facebook’s Flaw


Facebook is overall a great tool for society, it allows for communication of friends, family, co-workers, peers, and is also place for the start of a multitude of new relationships. Without intention Facebook has created a place where people can become subject to ignorant behavior that can viciously breakdown ones psychological composure.

Too many times has a person uses a social network to advertise their feelings towards another person, creating a premises allocating power to numerous people who may afflict malicious remarks. The population that makes up much of the various social network sites ranges from persons 16 to 25 year old, which are sometimes impotent in ethical decision making.

The lack of morality among the many users of, for example, Facebook deceives the prerogative of what it means to be a member. The sovereign power each Facebook member has over their personal page allows the personality of each page to differentiate. Some use their page to inform people, whom they hold close ties with, of their whereabouts and recent activity online and offline.

The use of Facebook becomes malicious when posts containing derogatory remarks about another person are made available to the public. The direct subject of such remarks are vulnerable to belittling expressions from many people.

As a subject of derogatory and slanderous expressions one can be put in a defenseless position, which can result in psychological distress. The immoral exploitation of a person through a Facebook status, post, or in some cases entire page can cause psychological harm, which leads has the possibility of turning fatal. Although Facebook is a machine for free speech, improper uses can prove devastating in a number of ways. Privacy that one tries to uphold can be torn down by a anger-driven assault.

One example of a situation where true harm can be done to a person’s psychological health starts with a breakup of a a young couple. More than likely addiction to attention or the need of mass approval can form a premises where derogatory remarks can integrate to form a full blown assault on a single person.

For example a relationship, consisting of young adults, may end with either member posting the recent activity of the problematic relationship. A post defending reasons for the breakup can include derogatory remarks against the significant other. This will be the premises where a mass number of people can express their thoughts, which can be either for or against the decision made.

More than likely the persons selected friends will take side with this person, and start a chain reaction of insulting comments. Time and time again a person will be subject to remarks that are unbearable, which usually causes some kind of psychological distress.

The power to block a person creates a state of defenselessness for the subject being assaulted. Having no power against the immoral assault makes for the situation that is uncontrollable, leaving a single person in the hateful crossfire. To have knowledge of what is going on and no way of stopping it can be depressing, which can cause many results.

In some cases the Facebook member realizes their actions are immoral and eventually the derogatory premises are deleted (status update or post), put an end to the relentless and hurtful remarks, but in other cases the person in control may not realize how psychologically abusive their actions are. Too many times has the person in control lacked the ability to come to their senses and the prolonged verbal abuse ends with a self-inflicted harm.

It is important that a person who holds the power of a Facebook page knows how much harm they can bestow onto a person psychologically. The inadvertent effect of their unconscious actions may cause a result that leaves no room for corrective measures.

At this moment there are many potentially harmful postings on Facebook, without the proper guidance from someone with strong moral values some of these may turn tragic. For the sake of life, one should realize attention is not always the ethical way to find comfort in a decision.

Opening the door for derogatory remarks can result in psychological and possibly physical harm. Facebook is a tool with many benefits, but it is also a powerful weapon that can cause great harm. With some research many tragic outcomes are shared in hope that this type of behavior is stopped.